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Connecting startups, enterprises and awesome individuals.

We are working with global organizations including:

Our team has been in the Silicon Valley since the first internet startups emerged. In other words, we’ve been in the space since quite a while.

About Han Cho, Founder

Driven by building in-depth relationship to work with friends.

His goal is to provide startups the opportunities to solve the biggest pain-points of enterprises. Furthermore he enables access to a lot of insights by running enterprise executive peer discussions branded as the HC Consulting’s Best & Brightest. His overall priority has always been to make sure everyone he works with is as successful as possible.


Years of Experience in Technology

Our work

We support everyone in our network in order to enable you to be as successful as you can. Whether it’s a CISO/CIO of a Fortune 500 or a founder of a startup.

Over the years we’ve been working with a number of Fortune 50 organizations, we now are able to share insights, lessons-learned and best practices from different industries supporting large global enterprises and their complex environments.

Our philosophy is to help customers, not to reinvent the wheel, but to provide fully transparent insights through peer learnings and guidance.  

Peer-insight events, yes, really just peers

HC Consulting’s Best & Brightest

Peer events for technical stakeholders in a relaxed atmosphere, without the influence of any sales or marketing teams from vendors, to discuss current enterprise initiatives, to create useful peer-insights, and share lessons learned.

Creating and supporting unicorns

Han Cho is advising for startups

We believe that connecting startups with enterprises to share insights and solutions on a technical level holds a lot of value for both parties to solve their biggest pain-points.

Exclusive network of Silicon Valley leaders

Invite-only network of influential executives

Over the past decades we curated an exclusive selection of influential leaders in the Silicon Valley to support each other with peer insights and peer discussions.

Holistic cyber security without compromise

Cyber Security is a must-have

With todays ever changing attack vectors and threat surfaces modern enterprises have to focus on cyber security as absolute must have.

HC Consulting’s Best & Brightest 2022

During RSA 2022 in San Francisco with attendance of people from Netflix, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, GSK, Tesla and many more

HC Consulting Peer Events at Tesla and Netflix